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San Bernardino National Forest

Statement of Qualifications

Mountainview Biological Consulting, LLC (MVBC)


An environmental consulting firm that provides natural resource consulting services in the form of biological surveys, habitat assessments, and construction monitoring, MVBC is based in the Inland Empire of Southern California. MVBC can offer protocol-level surveys for Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, Coastal California Gnatcatcher, Least Bell’s Vireo, and Burrowing Owl. Other services include construction monitoring, habitat assessments, nesting bird surveys, nest monitoring, riparian bird and vegetation surveys, territory mapping, habitat mapping, and wetland delineations.



-Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Surveys, Protocol
-Least Bell’s Vireo Surveys, Protocol
-Yellow-Billed Cuckoo Surveys, Protocol

-Northern Spotted Owl Surveys, Protocol
-Burrowing Owl Surveys
-Desert Tortoise Surveys
-Arroyo Toad Surveys
-Yellow-legged Frog Surveys
-Owl Banding

-Passerine and Near-Passerine Banding (including nestlings)
-Nesting Bird Surveys and Nest Monitoring: Status Species, Raptors, General
-Point Count Surveys
-Rare Plant Surveys
-General Biological Resource Assessment
-Habitat Assessment
-Focused Sensitive Wildlife Surveys
-Vegetation and Habitat Mapping
-Construction Monitoring
-Wetlands/Waters Compliance
-Worker Environmental Awareness Training (WEAP)
-Wetland Delineation
-Collecting and Reporting Data with Collector, Survey123, Fred
-Implementing appropriate buffers per applicable guidelines, regulations, and species management plans
-Analysis and reporting of findings

State and Federal Permits

-USFWS 10a1a Recovery Permit: Southwestern Willow Flycatcher and Coastal California Gnatcatcher Presence/Absence Surveys

-CDFW: Scientific Collecting Permit

-USGS Bird Banding Lab: Bander sub-permit



-DBE: Disadvantaged Business Entity, LA Metro
-WBE: Woman-Owned Business Enterprise, Supplier’s Clearinghouse

-SB: Small Business, California Department of General Services

-List of Qualified Biologists, Riverside County

-List of Qualified Biologists, San Bernardino County

-Approved Contractor for Southern California Edison

-Desert Tortoise Survey Certificate, Desert Tortoise Council

-Wetland Delineation Certificate, Wetland Training Institute

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